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Player - Spider Wingate, of Phoenix, Arizona



Current Name - Julia Kincaid

Known Aliases from the past - Nicola di Milan, Mariyah Amat Al-Khafid

Clan - Daeva (Status 0 - Infamy. Some time back due to quarrels within the more admired ranks of the clan she rejected her standing within the clan and until recently has taken glee in rubbing her outcast status into other Daeva's faces.)

Age - Exact Age unknown, known as an Elder, believed to be well over a thousand years old

Location - Phoenix, Arizona where she is currently both the Hierophant and the Imperial Prince of the Valley of the Sun and Sedona

Known Current & Former Students - Angelo, Roland le Moissonneur di Milan, The Imkhullu

Specialties - Binding/banishing magics and study of non-vampiric forms of bloodmagic

Faction/Philosophy - The Path Material

Things Known or Rumoured in the Kindred Population

From story and her own words Kincaid claims to have been embraced in the dying days of the Sassinad Persian Empire. From there, when the Empire fell, she began the life of a quasi-nomad traveling first east to India and then slowly making her way to Europe and moving back and forth through it for centuries. While she is most known for the large amounts of time spent in Italy and Western Russia, other Kindred tell of meeting her all over Europe and Northern Africa with no rhyme or reason apparent to her travels.

She vanished from the world's stage during the aftermath of WWI and through WWII and simply refuses to talk about why or what happened to her. It's an ill kept secret belief that she was in Germany during the war and as vampires are prone to do when faced with no other information to the contrary wildly conflicting stories of what she was doing circulate from the humanitarian to the dark and evil.

After the war she re-appeared in Phoenix and has lived there since, guiding not only the Acolytes as Hierophant but the growth of the city itself. Content with this for some time, events within the city and the nation have pushed Kincaid away from her quasi-solitude and into a role she had fought to avoid for a long time - the Imperial Praxis of the entire Valley of the Sun, of Sedona, of, in fact, all of Arizona north of Tucson and excepting the city of Flagstaff.

Over the centuries, she has been frequently seen in close alliance and love affairs with high ranking members of the Invictus and the Ordo Dracul. So close in fact that at times she seems almost more a member of those covenants on the outside that her own. The depth of knowledge she has on both covenants is almost frightening and only slightly outweighs her associations and understanding of the Lancea Sanctum.

Known as the Matriarch to the di Milan lineage, the exact number of lineage members is unclear, but they show up with alarming frequency throughout the various covenants and often in positions of support if not power.

When not busy with her Praxis or showing up in other people's courts with little to no warning, Kincaid spends a significant portion of her time working with the media and occult circles of her city. To the horror (or amusement) of some, since WWII she has made vast sums of money as a writer of pulp novels and bodice rippers. Using a mortal persona pretending to be the ghost writer 'Julia Kincaid' to date over 35 books have been published and she makes even more money publishing the works of other vampires who write similarly 'lowbrow' entertainment. If you can find another vampire who will admit to reading the books, they'll often comment on the familiar feel some of the main characters of her novels have to notable vampires of all covenants.

Common Knowledge within the Circle

Until recently, the Acolytes of Phoenix were officially and strictly politically neutral and this seemed to have concealed a gradual bloodless coup of sorts within the local coven. While few of the local Acolytes or Chorus profess to be direct followers of Kincaid's brand of the Path Material the makeup of the local Coven, with her as Hierophant, does lean towards the outsider paths. At one time the majority of Acolytes were worshippers of Gods and the more common faiths of the Circle, but over the years, accelerating with her becoming Hierophant, the dogma of the local Acolytes has shifted away from any such form of faith and more towards the ascendancy of Self and a distain for any heavy trappings of religon.

Even before her Praxis she refered to Phoenix as 'Her City' and as hierophant this is uniquely true. Other vampires may have founded the city, but the efforts of the local Acolytes under her guidance focused their attentions on the Metropolitan area itself and made it what it is today - a international metropolitan area, a growing powerhouse of industry and business, a good place to raise families or retire. The Valley of the Sun is the manifestation for the Acolytes of Northern Arizona of the creed to Create. The City itself is their act of worship, their creed, their prayer. And for Kincaid it is her greatest success.

Recently, she has become less than quiet about her allegiance to her path, vehemently defending the right to defer from rituals that require some form of God/Goddess worship. She argues that if the Circle can accept Deists, Muslims or Christians who worship Mary, then the Circle should have no trouble permitting those who choose to worship nothing at all. Eloquent (if sometimes vicious) arguments are given to any who ask.

This reputation has lead to some tension within the Acolytes as she has recently started to take more students (something historically she was loath to do.) Her rejection of any form of Worship, her tendency to be bloody, callous, inventively cruel beneath her smile, the credo of "Apotheosis through degeneration", and her long associations with other Covenants has lead some to speculate on what she has up her sleeve. Old rumors of heresy and betrayal have started to surface again as Kincaid preaches more and more the Path of Self. But in the rumored thousand plus years she has walked, there is no evidence that she has ever once done anything against the Acolytes. They may not understand her or like her, but Kincaid has always done everything to support and strengthen her own Covenant - whether as lover, teacher, mentor, or destroyer.

Additional Rumours and Stories

  • Kincaid has not been seen in any color other then grey in over fifty years and asking about it is a good way to make her frenzy
  • Kincaid is tightly tied to several Mekhet, to the point she treats them as extensions of her lineage or they treat her as one of theirs
  • Kincaid quietly condones murder, sacrifice, violations of people and ideas, diablerie and diabolism
  • Kincaid, through amazing feats of prestidigitation, is in fact Jared Cade of the Brood of Belial
  • Kincaid is actually not Jared Cade, but "Cade's Kin", his eldest daughter, and she chose the surname in honor of him.
  • Kincaid has been known to play nude video games with members of the Carthian Movement. Maybe that's why she wears their pin.
  • Kincaid and Lady V have somehow combined their souls together.

Others about Kincaid

  • Ophelia Schwartz - nomad Crone: I like Kincaid, she's competent, funny and intriguing. I believe the Covenant needs more like her, for the change she brings is a necessairy one. Also, she's one of the few besides myself that I know that choose to be infamous amongst their own Clan in this way.
  • Dokisha: Hierophant of the Antwerp Coven: She is an intriguing woman and her words more often than not hold wisdom, I hope to one day have the chance to meet her in person.
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